West Coast


West Coast

Travelling the route through the West Coast of the Eyre Peninsula you will begin to discover why the word “frontier” is used to market the region.

The coastal communities of Elliston, Venus Bay, Baird Bay and Streaky Bay are all situated in the protected bays along this awe-inspiring stretch of coastline where the raw power of the Southern Ocean is so evident.

The mix of cliffs and surf beaches along the coastline provide ample opportunity for you to get of the main highway and begin to discover some of the hidden secrets along this journey.   Places such as Cummings Monument, Locks Well & Talia Caves whose in descript entrances don’t pay respect to the stunning coast that you discover at the end of these short small tracks.  

The town of Elliston situated on the aptly named Anxious Bay is a great place to stop over and enjoy some great country hospitality as well as one of the most spectacular coastal drives in Australia -  not to mention one of the best country bakeries in Australia as well!

Be sure to get off the highway and take the coastal drive from Baird Bay to Streaky Bay, experience the original swimming with the Sea Lions and wild dolphins in the protected waters of Baird Bay before enjoying the dramatic coastal drive into the small coastal resort town of Streaky Bay…..just another one of our small towns famous for its mouthwatering seafood!

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