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Kirkhope Aviation | Outback Air Tours & Corporate Charter

Let us take you to some of Australia's most iconic destinations. An outback wilderness adventure is a travel experience unlike any other. The vibrant hues of ancient and pristine lands seen by only a handful of people, rare and incredible flora and fauna, the extraordinary characters, and the intricate way nature weaves its magic across a country as old as time itself, is an Australian sensory experience like no other. Kirkhope have been bringing people to the outback for more than 40 years. We have a long history as one of Australia’s most professional tour operators taking small groups of adventurers on some of the most astonishing Australian expeditions. Our modern fleet of twin-engined aircraft is designed to fly people in comfort to remote destinations, and our seasoned pilots are also skilled guides who act as your hosts for the duration of your tour. All our aircraft have large windows, and everyone gets a window seat so that the experience can be enjoyed both in the air and on the ground.

Type Price Description
South Australia – Fauna & Feast (4 days) 4620 South Australia is the current ‘go to’ destination for beautiful unspoiled scenery, abundant wildlife and delicious fresh food. On Kirkhope Aviation’s Fauna and Feast small group air tour you will fly to Port Lincoln then Kangaroo Island in our luxury twin propeller aircraft. On the ground you will be taken care of by passionate local experts who will make sure you have a very special experience showing you the best of their region. Two must see destinations to mark off your bucket list.
Great Ranges of South Australia (4 days) 4750 The Flinders and Gawler Ranges of South Australia are two very special and unique geological regions as ancient as Australia itself. The Flinders Ranges, the largest in South Australia, were created by seismic activity while the Gawler Ranges are an age old volcanic landscape with spectacular gorges and rocky outcrops. You will be amazed at how they are unlike anything else you have seen, yet at the same time quintessentially Australian. Join Kirkhope Aviation for a remarkable 4-day exploration of these ranges with expert local guides and gain a new appreciation for our great country.
  • Sea lions at Baird Bay, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia
  • Couple walking along the shore of Lake Gairdner, Eyre Peninsula
  • Remarkable Rocks, Kangaroo Island
  • Gawler Ranges, Eyre Peninsula
  • Euro Kangaroo, Kangaroo Island
  • Person holding an echidna on Kangaroo Island
  • Admirals Arch rock formation, Kangaroo Island
  • Gawler Ranges, Eyre Peninsula
  • Kirkhope Aviation has more than 40 years experience flying around Australia.
  • All Kirkhope Aviation aircraft are fitted with leather seating