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Australian Silo Art Trail

The Australian Silo Art Trail is the work of one dedicated silo art trail enthusiast, with the help of one very loving husband who aids in driving her around the country to see, photograph and help document them all. We are Eric and Annette Green and we started our 'Great Australian Adventure' back in March 2018 and headed out from Mandurah in Western Australia to see and visit as many towns as we could along the way. Very early on in our trip, Eric took me to see my first painted silos in Ravensthorpe, Western Australia. This one experience was to change my life for ever. I was hooked!!! I took a million photos and could not wait to see my next set of painted silos. But where were they all? There was hardly any information about them on the internet and at that time, with only the four in Western Australia and the six in the Wimmera-Mallee being documented and easy to find. It was a this stage I created the Australian Silo Art Trail Facebook page. Mainly so I could remember where they all were and so other Australians knew where they were as well.

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Tumby Bay Silo Art Tumby Bay is a coastal town situated on the Spencer Gulf, on the eastern coast of Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. It’s 45 km north of Port Lincoln and is also home to the Colour Tumby Street Art Festival. At the entrance to Tumby Bay stands the very impressive ViterraTumby Bay Silo Art. Its actual location is the corner of Lincoln Highway and Bratten Road. At the site along Bratten Way, there is a great purpose built car park suitable for all types of cars and caravans as well. The Tumby Bay silos were completed on April 13th, 2018 and were the third silos to be painted in South Australia. Overall, they are the 18th to be included in the Australian Silo Art Trail Collection. Depicted on these silos is an interpretation of two boys jumping off the Tumby Bay Jetty. The inspiration for the silos comes from the artist Martin Ron and his assistant Matt Gorrick, who spent some time in the area before painting the silos. Saying the initial idea came from seeing people dive off the jetty into the ocean, even joining in the sport himself.
  • Annette and Eric Green
  • Annette and Eric Green