A Taste of Eyre Peninsula


A Taste of Eyre Peninsula (formerly known as the Eyre Peninsula Farmer & Fishermens Market) was
launched by Adelaide-based celebrity chef Dorinda Haffner at the Eyre Peninsula Field Days in
August 2004. Established by a couple of volunteers passionate about food, wine, culture and the Eyre Peninsula, the event is a community based project designed to provide existing and new producers
with an outlet to promote and market their goods.

The event initially had the heart and soul of a Farmers Market.  Over time the event has evolved into a
Food and Wine Festival across the Eyre Peninsula showcasing an eclectic mix of food and wine, live
music and amazing views to visitors from all over Australia and further afield. 
From 2016 The Eyre Peninsula Farmer & Fishermens Market has been re-branded and will be known as
'A Taste of Eyre Peninsula’.  The event will still be managed under the incorporation of the
Eyre Peninsula Farmer & Fishermens Market.

Guests and shoppers can experience the produce by purchasing light meals prepared by chefs and
producers using local product. These can be enjoyed with a glass of local wine, sold by the glass or bottle.
There are tables and chairs for people to sit and enjoy the live music and amazing views. Guests can
also try and buy a delicious selection 
of seafood, meats, small goods, wine, baked items,
olives and olive oil, honey, condiments, fruit and nuts and more. 


The event supports and promotes sustainable farming practices, bio-dynamic and organic produce, and stallholders whether they be chefs, farmers or producers must have grown, bred, caught, pickled,
brewed, smoked, baked or made the goods to participate. Guests are encouraged to chat to the 
stallholders about how fish are caught, meat is raised and wine made.


Cleve at the Eyre Peninsula Field Days
Tuesday 14 - Thursday 16 August




Aims & Objectives
- To support and promote the production and sale of fresh local seasonal produce from the Eyre Peninsula.
- To successfully establish regular events on the Eyre Peninsula as a means of supporting and promoting the continued development of new  
   and existing producers.
- To develop a vibrant environment where consumers and producers are brought together.
- To provide new and existing producers with the opportunity to network and develop their marketing skills and, through direct contact
   with their customers, gain a greater knowledge of customer requirements.
- To promote ‘A Taste of Eyre Peninsula’ to visitors to the region.

A Taste of Eyre Peninsula is a twilight or full-day event at various locations around the Eyre Peninsula and includes cafe style dining using local food and wine, coffee and entertainment, sourcing chefs from around the Eyre Peninsula to demonstrate the preparation and cooking of local produce at the event.


To ensure the authenticity, success and sustainability of the event is maintained, some production and operational plan standards are necessary.
Products for sale and promotion:
- All products sold must be raised, grown, bred, caught, pickled, smoked, baked or made on the Eyre Peninsula or manufactured by the stallholder
  primarily from produce grown on the Eyre Peninsula.
- This is a food and beverage only event
- Genetically engineered foods (including animals knowingly raised on GE feed) cannot be sold at the event.
- The stallholder may sell only products listed on the approved product verification form. If stallholders wish to change the product verification
  form once the initial application has been received then please notify the coordinator of these changes at least 24 hours prior to the event.


Contact the Coordinator to request an application form to participate.
Complete the forms received and post to EP Farmer & Fishermens Market, PO Box 2778, Port Lincoln SA 5606 or email to

Once your application has been received and approved, a tax invoice will be posted for prompt payment. Stallholders may not attend a market until full payment has been received.


Nerissa Schuster
EP Farmer & Fishermens Market
PO Box 2778
Port Lincoln SA 5606
M: 0419 295 780
E: epfarmersmarket@bigpond.com.
W: www.epfarmersmarket.com

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