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The Nullarbor

Outback Adventures

The Eyre Peninsula is truly a region of contrasts, whilst the region is border by rugged coastline to the South, the Northern and Far West areas of the Eyre Peninsula offer some of the most beautiful wild outback lands you could ever see.

A tour of our inland and coastal roads will take you to distinctive rock formations, mounts and cliffs offering spectacular views, a rich geological history and a variety of flora and fauna. This area is renowned for its native wildlife and is one of a few places in Australia where three species of Kangaroo’s can be found.

Our outback includes the ancient Gawler Ranges, a 1.5 billion year old geological wonder. Discover amazing granite outcrops such as Peter’s Pillars, the Organ Pipes, Murphys Haystacks or the impressive Lake Gairdner - a dry salt lake bounded by ancient hills.

The western reaches of the Eyre Peninsula open into the world renowned Nullarbor (Tree-less) Plain.  Stretching over 1,100 km from East to West this ancient seabed now sits as a reminder of the isolation of many Australian communities.   The Nullarbor Plain is one of the most amazing tracts of unspoilt wilderness on the face of this planet. Crossing the Nullarbor is truly one of the world’s great road journeys.

By day, stand on the Nullarbor surrounded by an unbroken 360o horizon and a huge azure blue sky. By night, stargaze under a canopy of brilliant stars rivalling the best astronomy experiences in the world.

So prepare to explore, discover and escape to Eyre Peninsula, nature’s playground.

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