Poochera It is a strategic grain receival centre for the farmers in the area whose main products are grain and livestock.

The township was surveyed in the late 1920s and it’s believed the name came from an Aboriginal derivation of King Poojeri, a local ‘king’ who died in 1917.

Poochera is one of the western gateways to the Gawler Ranges. Interesting local history can be discovered at the town museum – visitors who can pronounce Nothornyrmecia Macrops are encouraged to ask about Poochera’s very own dinosaur ants. They are extremely timid, nocturnal, only 1 cm in length and a golden honey colour. Not only is it the world's most primitive living ant, it is the second most primitive creature, even when fossil records are included

Near the museum on Railway Terrace is Anniversary Park, the town gazebo, tourist information, a barbecue and public toilets.

Poochera also has a caravan park and friendly country sports facilities.

Poochera antPoochera hotelPoochera ant sculpture