Home to the windmills and the surf mecca Cactus Beach. Home to dozens of working windmills, the eclectic town of Penong is a nice little watering hole before commencing the journey across the Nullarbor Plain. With a pub and beer garden, a couple of stores and an immaculate small caravan park, it’s also a good place to stock up before heading out to the iconic surf mecca of nearby Cactus Beach.

Things To Do

Paul Gravelle’s Surfboard Factory is worth a visit, located in the old Hall opposite the General Store.

Woolshed Museum

On the western outskirts of Penong lies the Woolshed Museum and, built in the 1860s, it’s older than Penong itself. Used for all forms of community activity, the Woolshed is a community-run museum, holding historic artefacts and memorabilia for you to browse through, as well as a fine selection of local arts and crafts. Open Thursday–Monday 10am–4pm.

Point Sinclair & Cactus Beach

A thirty minute drive south of Penong and you will come to the idyllic little cove of Point Sinclair with a jetty and shark enclosure for swimming.

A detour past Lake McDonald is well worth it. The lake is very high in salt concentration and gives the impression of being salmon pink on clear days. The lake can look blue in one direction and pink in the other and also often reflects the white sand dunes.

Not for the beginner Cactus Beach is an iconic surf mecca, surfers from all over the world converge on Cactus Beach to test their skills on two left-hand breaks (‘Castles’ and ‘Cactus’) and one powerful right-hander (‘Caves’).

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