Offering accommodation, a fuel and eating facility, Nundroo is a perfect base for day trips in search of native wildflowers, massive sand dunes and fishing at nearby Scott Beach, Mexican Hat, Cabots Beach and Fowlers Bay.


Covering 458,000 hectares and spanning 150 kilometres of the Eyre Highway, the Yalata Aboriginal Lands are owned and operated by the Yalata Aboriginal Community Incorporated.  Home to a community of around 400 people, the Yalata Anangu (Pitjantjatjara word for people) regularly travel from Yalata to their tribal lands in the north and west. With a permit, visitors can try out Yalata’s excellent local fishing beaches, in search of mulloway, salmon and shark.

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The Dog Fence

Between Nundroo and Yalata on the Eyre Highway visitors will come across a grid on the road which is part of the famous Dog Fence. A pest exclusion fence that was built during the 1880s to keep dingoes out and protect the sheep, it is one of the longest structures on the planet and the world’s longest fence. Starting on the cliffs overlooking the Great Australian Bight, it winds its way for more than 5,614km across South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland, protecting Australia’s sheep country from dingoes and other vermin.

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